Design Duo Jess Quinton and Jane Chadwick came together with a mutual vision to launch their company using only small family run British factories. Concerned with the effects of fast fashion on the environment they are both invested in the idea of communicating the true worth of traditional textiles.

Designed in their respective studios in London and Suffolk by Jess and Jane the pieces are then made in Mills in areas of the UK where knitting is a large part of the local heritage; Devon, Nottingham and Scotland. A founding principle of the conscious brand is to help keep this knowledge and skilled craftsmanship alive. In fact soon after setting up 15 years ago Quinton Chadwick became winners of the UK Fashion Export Council's Award for Small Business. This gave them the confidence to ensure they remain committed to their “Small is Beautiful” principles.

Jess Quinton trained in knitwear at The Royal College of Art, and then worked for the fashion house Missoni so colour and pattern are very much part of her DNA. She also occasionally lectures at Central St Martins and Jane at Kingston University. They both volunteer on prestigious prize judging panels such as Textselect and GFW, as they believe in putting something back.

They use British mills for their yarn supplies and 100% natural fibres mostly Lambswool or Merino and they also use recycled Cashmere when it is available. They like to blend tradition techniques with new technology to make a more sustainable product, such as their seamless hats and cut edge scarves which are cleverly designed to ensure there is zero yarn waste in the production process.

In line with the ethos of slow and sustainable living all packaging is recycled and any plastic used is now biodegradable.

Today QUINTON CHADWICK products are recognised for their cool yet quirky colour combinations their Modern-Traditional patterns, the sustainability of their British materials and production and the quality of their craftsmanship.

These unique accessories are now stocked globally with many stores that share the slow approach to fashion such as Liberty London who are great supporters of UK Craft and Merci store in Paris with its foundation in Madagascar, all helping to raise awareness for ethical fashion.